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Beitragvon pit » Do 21. Aug 2014, 07:55

Doris, Su and Tina, thanks for the wonderful reports!

Best wishes for your trip, love storks! I hope that Luna and Cico come back next year. I keep my fingers crossed.

Cheral in California

Beitragvon Cheral in California » Do 21. Aug 2014, 18:42

Did you get my private message? I may not have done it correctly.

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Beitragvon Doris » Mo 1. Sep 2014, 18:09

Thank you, I got it Cheral.
Your welcome pit and hope to see you all in 2015.

The storks have left Vetschau now and are on their way to the south.
If you want to know, what our storks and other birds are doing during the winter and if you own a smartphone or tablet computer here is something for you.
You can load down an app for cellphone or tablet and for Androis or IOS in the Google Play Store or in the Apple app store. The app is named "Animal Tracker"
With this app you can follow birds that are carrying GPS tags on their way to warmer areas.
So you can find out about their routes and their wintering areas.

There are 3 kind of birds
White storks = Weißstorch
Ospreys = Fischadler
Bald ibis = Waldrappen

More information in English language here:


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